Sunday, October 11, 2009

Near the End

Near the end of the fight, the smaller bird had both eyes punctured and was blind. The video shows this in that I managed to catch a moment in which he kept turning around and around. Then the other bird would hit him again, and he would respond by hitting back and biting his opponent by feel.

Sometimes when he was out of contact with the other bird, he ran along the bloody wall, feeling his way to find an escape, but there was no escape. Soon the other bird caught up with him and kicked his head again. For awhile the two were right under where I was sitting, and he was so covered with blood that no features were visible on his head at all; his eyes were both destroyed and had disappeared.

The other bird was also badly injured and covered with blood, and was fighting with one punctured eye. They spent much time leaning against each other. This part went on and on.

In nature the losing bird quickly escapes into cover. There is always cover to hide in in the jungle where they evolved.

I dared not take photos of the bloody ending because I was afraid of being confronted about it.

In the end, the blinded, bloody bird ran away, around and around the wall, until his owner came and took him. I asked my acquaintance what would happen to the little thing, and he said that the bird would just be thrown away--cast blind into the wild to starve to death.

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