Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back Home

Back at home, I snapped a few photos of a brief squabble between two friendly cocks over a hen they both liked, for an illustration of the difference. The series is blogged below. Though the photos were taken in daylight, they are more blurred than those taken at the cockfight, where the light was very poor.

This indicates that these naturally living birds are in much finer shape than the so-called super-cocks, bred and raised for fighting, yet who never get any excercise, nor natural food.

Notice that the birds are always leaping and whirling, whereas the ones at the cockfight spent much of their time exhausted and leaning against each other after only a few low leaps.

The series also illustrates the natural beauty of the birds, who actually are descended from fighting cocks, crossed with junglefowl. In removing the birds' decorative feathers, the men expose the birds to injury, and take away their beauty.

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